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PrettyLittleThing named the fastest growing online fashion retailer

By Georgie Lillington



PrettyLittleThing, the online fast fashion company, has been named the fastest growing online retailer. Data from Hitwise, the consumer analytics company, shows PrettyLittleThing’s (PLT) sales increased by 400 percent in the 12 months to February 2016 and site traffic rose a staggering 663 percent year on year since 2014.

The Manchester based PLT was founded in 2012 by brothers Umar and Adam Kamani and has proved popular among social influencers such as Kylie Jenner. Priding itself on ‘forward-thinking fashion...aimed at bringing killer, affordable style to female fashion breakers and makers,’ PLT is best known for its affordable fashion collections, aimed at consumers between 18 and 25.

“Speed has been instrumental to the success at PLT”

PrettyLittleThing chief executive Umar Kamani said: “Speed has been instrumental to the success at PLT,” in a statement to BDaily. “We have an extremely talented team who work relentlessly to spot the latest trends and ensure we can add new items to the site within a matter of days.”

“Our customers are constantly on the lookout for a perfect dress for their next night out and our affordable price tags allow them to achieve regular wardrobe updates – even on the tightest budgets.”

“By forging relationships with celebrities and reality stars who have become ambassadors of the brand it has enabled us to drive mass awareness of PLT, both in the UK and overseas. I am confident that the business will continue to grow at an exponential rate and look forward to the coming years as we enter new markets across the globe.”

At the end of 2016, the young fashion brand was acquired by online giant Boohoo.com. Vowing to keep the two companies separate in a deal valued at 3.3 million pounds, the successful strategy saw Boohoo’s sales rise by 106 percent year on year in its first quarter 2017.

"PrettyLittleThing delivered exceptionally strong revenue growth in the first quarter as it continues to expand its young female customer base," said joint Chief Executives Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane in a statement on the company’s first quarter results.

The fast fashion industry has grown 21 percent over the past three years, with sites such as Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing contributing to this ‘the girl who wants fast, affordable fashion and who shopped for the weekend, every weekend’.

Photo courtesy of PrettyLittleThing website

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