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Puig reorganises corporate structure

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Puig

The Spanish beauty and fashion firm Puig has reportedly reorganised its corporate structure in the latest rejig of its operations, bringing all of its businesses under one umbrella.

The move, initially reported by Expansión, has seen Puig combine its operations under the public limited company, Puig Brands.

It marks the second time in a three year span that the firm has carried out such a move, having previously reorganised its business structure in 2020 with the creation of three divisions: Beauty and Fashion, Charlotte Tilbury and Derma.

Through its latest reorganisation, the public limited company Jorba Perfumes has become the new parent company of the group, changing its name to Puig Brands.

Next to this, it has also established a board of directors and carried out a capital increase of 29.30 million euros, which has ultimately brought its share capital to 144 million euros.

The content and title of this article has been edited after publication based on the latest information about this news.