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Raeburn partners on launch of re-commerce store, Responsible

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Responsible, Laundrette x Palace

Embedded streetwear re-commerce platform Responsible has launched in the UK, in partnership with British fashion house Raeburn and a number of other streetwear partners.

Complete with financial incentives and an integrated Buy Back option at checkout, the platform hopes to help brands gain customer loyalty whilst allowing them to make a move in the circular fashion market. Operating as both a plug-in and its own platform, Responsible can be integrated directly into a brand’s website, allowing for more control over resale and removing any risk associated with the implementation. Furthermore, the platform has stated it takes on the cost of used garments, co-investing alongside its brands.

Customers can opt into the Responsible’s Buy Back programme when purchasing an item, giving them the option to return it when they are finished in exchange for store credit. It functions to allow brands freedom to focus on improving loyalty schemes and sales of their full-price business, taking on the risk of resale.

Authenticated products returned to Responsible go through deep cleaning processes and brand-approved repair where necessary, with any items deemed unfit for resale to be either recycled or upcycled.

“Of the billions of items of clothing produced each year, only five to seven percent of clothes are sold for a second time,” said Responsible’s founder and CEO, Mark Dowds, in a release. “Responsible’s reimagining for the circular streetwear economy provides the framework for shoppers and brands of all sizes to easily engage in circular fashion.”

He continued: “We believe reusing clothes is the most impactful thing we can all do to make fashion more sustainable and the streetwear sector is poorly serviced by the options available today. Our re-commerce store and Buy Back format offers a truly elevated experience for shoppers and brands, and we believe this to be a pivotal step forward in delivering circularity in the streetwear industry.”

As part of the launch, Raeburn collaborated with the platform on a store takeover throughout the Black Friday weekend. The pop-up included a selection of second-hand products from streetwear brands, displayed as a physical representation of Responsible.

The Responsible platform launched through its partner, Raeburn, on November 29, with further leading streetwear partners to be revealed over the coming months.

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