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Ralph Lauren sole fashion brand included in 2022 women’s advancement in workplace list

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Wimbledon / Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has been named as one of the 43 companies to make Parity’s 2022 list outlining the best companies for women to advance in.

The premium fashion brand was among the likes of Airbnb, Best Buy, Pepsi and The Clorox Company for the platform’s third annual edition of the report.

The ParityList, established in 2020, recognises organisations that have policies, benefits and programmes in place that eliminate barriers to women’s advancements in the workplace.

“Parity in leadership is crucial, but we know representation alone is not enough – we must create conditions intentionally designed to support women’s ambitions, well-being and freedoms,” said Roseann Lynch, chief people officer at Ralph Lauren and head of the brand’s corporate foundation, in a release.

Lynch continued: “A world of equal opportunity means enabling all who identify as women to go as far as they dream.”

According to Parity, those included on the list regularly measure and report to the executive team on gender equality metrics, communicate their gender-equality values to employees, offer flexible working hours, encourage men to take their full family leave, have a zero-tolerance harassment policy and provide a safe complaint system for employees.

The platform added that out of the included companies, 31 percent have an executive team that is at least 50 percent women and 91 percent require recruiters to include at least one qualified woman on candidate slates for executive positions.

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