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Resale site Hewi introduces carbon neutral logistics

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Hewi

Luxury resale site Hardly Ever Worn It (Hewi) has announced a new partnership with Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS) that will see it introduce a carbon neutral logistics service to its features.

Hewi’s logistics service will now utilise ozone technology to clean garments through microplastic filters that help minimise water pollution and recycle by-products to make building bricks.

In a release, Hewi’s CEO, Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson, said: “We take great pride in our service offer and superlative product care - it is what our customers come to us for. Luxury items are made to last more than one lifetime; we needed a partner who could join us in truly honouring that, while providing us with a scalable solution following a period of exponential growth.”

Wolter-Ferguson added: “ACS is that unique partner, and together, we are on track to achieve net zero logistics services by 2025.”

ACS said its solution offers a complete end-to-end service for resale and it will further provide Hewi with access to its fashion fulfilment facility, eco-friendly cleaning and repairs, automated picking and bespoke packing and dispatch services.