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Revolve prepares for gaming world entry with Muus Collective partnership

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Revolve; Remi x Revolve

Multibrand retailer Revolve looks set to enter the world of gaming as it strikes up a new strategic partnership with Muus Collective, an entertainment studio backed by Griffin Gaming Partners.

As part of the collaboration, Revolve said it would be creating a fashion-centred Web3 mobile gaming experience that will aim to “revolutionise how consumers engage with fashion”.

The game, which is expected to launch in 2023, will feature digital renderings of select physical fashion and beauty items from Revolve and its brand, Fwrd.

The digital-first retailer hopes that its partnership with Muus and its first foray into gaming will continue to build on its “disruptive approach” to brand development.

In a release, co-founder and CEO of Muus, Amber Bezahler, said the “elevated” gamified experience will help players connect with brands and engage with trends in a digital shopping and styling experience.

While exact details are yet to be released, Bezahler added: “The platform will serve as a fashion playground, empowering players to become their own tastemakers by providing tools for creative expression, peer-to-peer engagement and social sharing.”

The female-led Muus has previously worked with the likes of Bottega Veneta, Agent Provocateur and Calvin Klein on digital-based initiatives, and counts industry veterans from Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox among its members.

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