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RGE formalises two partnerships to advance sustainable fashion

By Rosalie Wessel

30 Nov 2021


Image: RGE

RGE has formalised two partnerships in Singapore aimed at advancing sustainable fashion.

The first partnership is with the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF). The strategic partnership is set to last 3 years, and will advocate for sustainable industry practices in Singapore and the regions around it. The partnership looks to do so through education, programme implementation and research.

The second is a five year collaboration with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, which will research innovation in textile recycling technology throughout the duration of the partnership.

TaFF seeks to urge the fashion industry towards more sustainable practices, using talent development, capacity building, and raising corporate and consumer awareness. RGE has pledged 3 million singaporean dollars in funding in order to support TaFF’s goals.

“Our strategic partnership with RGE marks a step forward for TaFF to expand our sustainability ecosystem throughout the fashion value chain, from materials, manufacturing, brands and technology to solutions,” said Wilson Teo, president of TaFF.

In addition to funding, RGE’s vice chairman, Bey Soo Khiang will join the programme’s Steering Committee as vice chairperson.

The launch of TaFF’s fashion sustainability programme follows the start of the Enterprise Sustainability Programme by Enterprise Singapore. The initiative aims to support enterprises with their sustainability programs, as well as help them further their opportunities in the sustainable economy.

The collaboration with Nanyang Technological University will officially begin next year. The partnership hopes to complement RGE’s pilot urban-fit textile recycling plant in Singapore.

“Our collaboration with TaFF and NTU is an investment of financial and other resources to create meaningful impact, not just within Singapore but also within the region,” said Tey Wei Lin, president of RGE. “We seek to work with innovators, industry partners, research institutions and academia to scale up solutions that will deliver cleaner and more circular cellulosic textile fibre to the masses at affordable prices.”