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Saks strikes up partnership with electric vehicle company Lucid

By Rachel Douglass


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Saks establishes partnership with Lucid. Credits: Saks x Lucid.

Luxury retailer Saks has announced its first-ever collaboration with an electric vehicle company as it looks to diversify its ecosystem to introduce customers “to the best in luxury”.

As such, Lucid will be joining Saks for the multifaceted deal, through which exclusive demo drive experiences will be offered at select Saks Fifth Avenue store locations.

The car company will also have a dedicated landing page on the Saks e-commerce site, as well as various content on Saks-owned digital channels and an event in the new Saks Fifth Avenue West Coast flagship store in Beverly Hills.

A preview of the partnership could already be seen back in December 2023, when Saks exhibited Lucid’s halo performance model, the Air Sapphire, at its New York flagship, where the car had been lowered into the store’s Vault department.

In a release, Marc Matrick, CEO of Saks, said: “As an iconic luxury brand and an authority in the luxury space, Saks has been able to partner with companies that we know are of interest to our customers and complement the luxury lifestyle.

“With Lucid, we’re providing our customers with new, unique offerings outside of our traditional assortment, and we’re excited for them to experience this innovative offering online and in our stores for the first time.”