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Shein to host 30 pop-up stores in EMEA, opens Dublin headquarters

By Rachel Douglass



Photo Credits: Shein, campaign image.

Fast fashion giant Shein has continued on its path of growth in EMEA with the opening of its new headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, as well as plans to strengthen its physical presence in the region.

The new office will be home to Shein’s strategic IT hub for EMEA and will function as the core of its operations in the area.

The company stated that the opening of the site will include the appointment of 30 key roles to be made by the end of 2023.

The various positions will cover areas such as data analysis, security engineering, finance management and legal, and will also see the expansion of its graduate programme into Ireland.

To further its emphasis on the region, Shein further unveiled that it plans to host around 30 pop-up stores around the EMEA region in 2023, forming “an integral part” of its business model.

Its presence has been bolstered in the past through the opening of three new distribution centres across EMEA in 2022, as part of its efforts to strengthen its nearshoring capabilities in a bid to improve speed of fulfilment.

Speaking in a release, Leonard Lin, global head of government relations for Shein, said: “I am delighted to launch our EMEA headquarters in Ireland. Ireland’s pro-business environment and great access to talent make it an excellent hub for companies, including Shein, to manage and grow our business in the region.

“Our Dublin office opening marks an important milestone in Shein’s growth in EMEA – which is one of our most important markets. We look forward to contributing to the growth of the local economies and to supporting local communities.”