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Start-up Thr3efold launches crowdfunding campaign

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Fashion start-up Thr3efold, which aims to connect fashion brands to ethical factories around the world, has launched a crowdfunding campaign with iFundWomen to seek funding to help develop the technology platform.

Thr3efold, with its “be more ethical and sustainable” message, is looking to raise 18,000 US dollars by August 15, to fund the development of the beta version of the platform so that the start-up can start testing.

Founder and chief executive Jessica Kelly, describes the platform in the brand’s pitch as if “Airbnb and traditional sourcing agents had a baby,” as it is a two-sided marketplace coupled with a robust project management tool that helps brands connect with ethical factories worldwide, while also simplifying the production process by making it easier for teams of all sizes to find trusted garment and accessory factories to create their products.

The technology platform states that its mission is to build a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry where no person is enslaved or exploited for someone else's style. It admits that most fashion brands are looking to fix this issue but aren’t sure where to start as ethical standards can vary, most brands don’t own factories to implement change, and it is hard to trust that a factory abroad is ethical.

Ethical fashion tech start-up Thr3efold seeks crowdfunding on IFundWomen

That’s where Thr3efold comes in, as it takes the time and guesswork out of finding and vetting factories, with only ethically certified factories accepted onto the platform, the start-up explains in its crowdfunding pitch, and its filters and profile templates help assist brands in finding the best factory, while the project management software allows businesses to manage their production processes from pricing to production all in one place.

Some of the features that the Thr3efold platform will include are: uploading designs and tech packs, setting deadlines and quantities, searching factories, sharing projects and getting price quotes, tracking sampling and production, as well as a two-sided review process.

Currently, the start-up has attracted just over 2,000 US dollars of its 18,000 US dollars goal on iFundWomen, and is offering swag bags, ebooks, artwork, social facelifts, as well as membership to the platform as rewards to backers.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, iFundWomen is just for women-led startups and small businesses, its goal isn’t just to drive cash funding to women’s businesses but also to empower women to “start and grow better businesses”. The crowdfunding platform is a pay-it-forward model, and offers expert startup coaching, professional video production, access to pitch competitions with investor, as well as a private community for entrepreneurs to collaborate.

Images: via iFundWomen - Thr3efold pitch