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Sustainable Brand Platform partners with RG Showroom to support brand sustainability

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: RG Showroom

As part of its mission to encourage sustainable measures throughout the industry, Sustainable Brand Platform (SBP) has partnered with Milan-based RG Showroom to provide brands with services aimed at raising awareness and promoting further communication of their sustainability efforts.

The partnership will assist brands in working on their sustainable measures and commitments through the provision of tools. The Sustainable ID Card is the first to be available, developed to allow brands to communicate their performance to stakeholders in an effective and transparent manner. It further enables buyers and end consumers to access detailed information on the brand’s sustainability journey.

“Our challenge is to create a universal language and a strong community for independent fashion brands,” said CEO of SBP, Alex Albini, in a release. “For this reason, the partnership with RG Showroom is very exciting because it gives us the opportunity to work with one of the most important players in the B2B channel and with some of the most interesting brands in the fashion system.”

Image: SBP, The Sustainable ID Card

RG Showroom, founded by Riccardo Grassi, was responsible for the launch of a number of household names, including the likes of Maison Martin Margiela and Giambattista Valli. The concept showroom operates in over 70 countries, in partnerships with international boutiques and department stores, on luxury and high-end wholesale, with a particular focus on emerging markets.

“We aim to democratise, by digitalising sustainability consultancy…”

The partnership will allow RG Showroom clients to have access to the range of services provided, hoping to aid in their growth and support them with the tools that are developed from the alliance.

According to the two companies, brands joining the initiative will be able to activate strategies aimed at achieving specific objectives and be aided in the defining of roadmaps to improve sustainable performance.

SBP, established during the pandemic, will now see itself become a technical partner of RG Showroom after one year of operations. The firm has already established itself with more than 90 companies in its portfolio, as well as striking deals with a number of international partners, such as Revolver Copenhagen Trade Show, The Canvas New York and ModaLisboa.

Albini added: “We are a start-up made up of a team with significant experience in fashion. We were born in the covid time and perhaps this is one of the reasons why we aim to democratise, by digitalising sustainability consultancy to help brands meet the challenge of integrating sustainability within the creative processes when developing collections.”

Riccardo grassi
Sustainable Fashion