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Takko Fashion's Q3 sales increase by 3.5 percent

By Prachi Singh

13 Jan 2022


Image: Takko Fashion

Takko Fashion generated sales of 322 million euros in the period from August to October, an increase of 3.5 percent compared to the same quarterly period in 2019.

Commenting on the update, Karl-Heinz Holland, executive chairman of Takko Fashion, said in a statement: “The third quarter was marked by interruptions in the global supply chains. Thanks to our long-standing and trusting supplier relationships, we were able to cope with these pandemic-related effects on procurement very well. With the sales result from the third quarter, we are above the pre-crisis level in 2019.”

“It is particularly noteworthy that, as a result of the strong sales development, we have been able to increase our cash and cash equivalents by 42.7 percent since last year. At the end of October, Takko Fashion’s available liquidity was 242.5 million euros, ”added Kurt Rosen, chief financial officer of Takko Fashion.

Takko Fashion