TechStyle leverages Google’s machine learning to cut customer acquisition costs by 25 percent

New York - Laura Joukovski, the Chief Media Officer (CMO) running the data-driven, in-house media team at TechStyle Fashion Group, has implemented a test-and-learn culture across the portfolio of brands.

In an interview with Forbes earlier this year Joukovski explained that they “believe a brand is built on advertising, experience with the website and the merchandise.”

TechStyle’s CMO also summed up then their marketing strategy, defining it as “comprehensive and nuanced based on the needs of the channel to ensure we deliver content of interest to our consumers.”

TechStyle pioneers Google’s new machine learning to reduce acquisition cost per customer

On Tuesday, Joukovski participated in Google Marketing Live 2019, where she spilled the beans about a pioneering one of Google’s new product releases: Discovery Ads. These ads leverage machine learning to, over time, deliver the best ad to prospects.

According to Google, 85 percent of online consumers take a product-related action within 24 hours. For example, as showed in a recent research by the search engine, a woman spent 73 days and interacted with more than 250 touchpoints (searches, video views, and page views) before purchasing a single pair of jeans.

Discovery ads take advantage of that information by allowing advertisers to show ads to prospects in the moments when they’re most open to finding something new.

After becoming one of the first beta users, the online subscription fashion retailer has experienced a 25 percent lower cost-per-lead using Discovery Ads compared to other channels.

"Creativity matters a lot," said Joukovski from the stage at Google Marketing Live, held in San Francisco this week. "We developed ads that work in other spaces and we saw success instantly," he said.

Two years ago, the online retailer, which owns brands such as Fabletics and ShoeDazzle, spent 40 percent of its budget on television and since then has worked to invest constantly in the digital field. Today, Fabletics uses 6 percent of its budget in television and 20 percent in digital video, said Daniel Pahl, vice president of media marketing and acquisitions of the company, as quoted by the Spanish edition of ‘Business Insider’.

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