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Tendam acquires Spanish label Intropia

By Huw Hughes


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Spanish fashion retailer Tendam, which owns brands Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Springfield, Women’secret and Fifty brands, has added one more to its growing portfolio: Spanish fashion label Intropia.

The fashion group has acquired the Hoss, Intropia and Hoss Intropia brands for an undisclosed amount. It said Intropia will “benefit from Tendam’s strong operating and management structure” and will “cement the group’s position in women’s apparel within the premium mass market.”

Jaume Miquel, Tendam chairman and CEO, said in a statement: “Hoss/Intropia has been an important brand for the cosmopolitan woman looking for a quality, modern product with a personality all of its own and a distinct identity. We believe that the market niche it carved out for itself has still not been filled and this acquisition is a clear opportunity for us to complement our brand offering”.

Tendam, which focuses on fashion brands in the premium mass market segment, said Intropia is positioned similarly to the group’s most exclusive brand, Pedro del Hierro, but is also aimed at a more “alternative and casual woman”, meaning it “complements fully the group’s brand portfolio.”

Miquel continued: “The addition of Hoss/Intropia to our portfolio forms part of our growth strategy. The group has a solid financial position, a proven brand-building model and a robust corporate structure. We are seeking to restore the essence of Hoss/Intropia and to take decisive action to strengthen the brand.”

Tendam said it plans for Intropia to return to the market to present its autumn-winter 2020 collection. The brand will initially be sold via its own online channel and in selected physical Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro stores.

Photo courtesy of Tendam