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The North Face introduces in-store take back programme in US

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: The North Face Renewed Take Back

The North Face has expanded its upcycling clothing scheme, Renewed, with the launch of an in-store take back programme for its US customers.

The retailer first piloted the Renewed Take Back programme in select stores throughout the beginning of September 2022.

From November, the offer will now be available across its retail stores and outlets in the US and Canada.

To participate, customers can bring any used The North Face item into stores, scan a QR code in a dedicated app and receive shopping credit for future purchases.

Items will be returned in bulk to the company’s logistics partner, Tersus Solutions, to be conditioned, cleaned, repaired and resold through the brand’s resale website, The North Face Renewed.

According to the retailer, the platform, which launched last May in collaboration with its tech partner Archive, has seen a degree of success, leading to its expansion as The North Face looks to scale its circularity efforts.

As stated in a release, Archive built the proprietary app for the take back programme in six weeks, with the goal of offering seamless and efficient user experience.

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