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The Philippines invest in prototype sizing system for local consumers

By Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez


New York - The Philippine Textile Research Institute has partnered with a local university to design a prototype sizing system fit for the Filipino physique.

This initiative pursues the promotion of innovative design development processes while supporting the local garment industry. The desired outcome is creating an integrated textile product development process with the goal of producing a Philippine standard sizing system using a 3D Body Scanning System.

“This will lead to a generation of accurate measurements and the ability to optimise pattern layout [that] will result [in] more efficient textile product development, material utilisation and human resources input,” DOST International Cooperation Assistant Secretary Dr. Leah Buendia noted. “Interestingly, it will not only promote mass customisation in the garment industry, but will also find application [in] industrial design for manufacturing of ergonomic goods and health and nutrition for nationwide monitoring of body size and shape. The possibilities are endless.”

Speaking about the market opportunity, DOST-PTRI Director Celia Elumba stressed that “We have over 100 million Filipinos and we are not even dressing 10 percent of our own people; we are missing out on that industrial capability to move the economy.”

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