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The Rolling Stones say they want Shein licensing deal ‘terminated’

By Rachel Douglass


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Shein x The Rolling Stones 60th anniversary collection. Image: Shein

The Rolling Stones have reportedly expressed their desire for a licensing deal with fast fashion e-commerce company Shein to be terminated.

On Friday, the Chinese e-tailer unveiled the latest addition to its clothing collection “honouring the legendary rock band”.

The range included a line of t-shirts and merchandise that celebrated the rock group’s 60th anniversary, with prices starting at 1.50 pound.

However, on request for comment, the publication ‘i’ alerted the band to allegations of labour abuse in Shein’s supply chain.

In response, a spokesperson for The Rolling Stones told the media outlet: “We would like to thank ‘i’ for bringing this to our attention. This is a licencing deal with Bravado Inc and as such they have the rights to exploit the brand on merchandise.

“We do not want to be associated with Shein, having been made aware of the recent revelations about the treatment of workers in its supply chain, and have requested the line be terminated.”

It is believed that the ‘Shien x Rolling Stones’ deal was signed by Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, a firm owned by Universal Music Group which bought the rights to the Stones brand, as well as their portfolio of music and video, in 2018.

While Shein has previously said it is “absolutely committed” to its supplier code of conduct, an investigation that aired through Channel 4 found evidence of workers rights issues in the company’s factories, including staff that were working 18-hour shifts.

The publication noted that The Rolling Stones deal was said to have been made in the early part of this year, ahead of the investigation’s airing.

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