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Tommy Hilfiger expands metaverse presence with Roblox community space

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Tommy Hilfiger x Roblox

Tommy Hilfiger has revealed an expanded presence on Roblox, the online open-world game platform, in the form of an immersive community space.

Entitled ‘Tommy Play’, the Brooklyn-inspired space aims to reflect the brand’s street culture heritage through activities like BMX bike riding and the exploration of underground subway systems. Content updates, map expansions and product launches created in collaboration with Roblox creators will be unveiled over the course of the summer.

Mini games and ‘Tommy Coins’, dotted throughout the space, can be collected and traded for virtual wearable items, like Tommy Jeans garments, helmets, headphones and accessories.

Digital products, which are inspired by real-world designs and can be worn by in-game avatars, have been co-created with a number of Roblox community creators, including Blizzei, StrapCode and RynityRift.

“Roblox shares many of our brand values: inclusivity, diversity, creativity and – above all – a focus on community,” said Hilfiger, in a release. “We’re excited to meet Roblox users on their own terms and enrich their experiences within the platform, in engaging ways that we can’t do with traditional social platforms. Together with Roblox we’re continuing to build this world as we live in it, watching it come to life and co-creating for the next iteration to come.”

The expanded experience builds on the brand’s first phase on the platform, which launched in December 2021 with a co-created virtual collection of 30 items.

As part of this newly launched space, Tommy Hilfiger’s gaming group ‘Team Tommy’ will be live streaming a Roblox-based activation, ‘24 Hours of Team Tommy’, during which they will take viewers through the space, play games and dress their avatars.

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