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Ugg launches shoe refurbishment programme

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Ugg, Uggrenew

California-based lifestyle brand Ugg has launched a shoe refurbishment programme, Uggrenew.

Created in partnership with shoe repair company NuShoe, Uggrenew will offer three levels of repair service to owners of the label’s Classic Boots style.

‘Renew’ will see a complete, handcrafted restoration, with new binding and outsoles. Additionally, the ‘Restore’ service also provides fresh outsoles, while the cheapest package, ‘Refresh’, focuses solely on washing. Each option involves a steam cleaning of the shoes inside and out, with the brand stating the process will lift stains, remove odours and condition the leather.

The programme is “dedicated to extending the life of its customers’ favourite boots”, using authentic Ugg materials in the process.

Currently, NuShoe’s capacity is limited to 100 pairs per day, but the label said it intends to scale the programme to allow for almost a quarter of a million pairs to be serviced per year by 2023.

Uggrenew is exclusively available to US-based customers, where the Ugg website now has a scheduling tool to book appointments and pay the corresponding fee. Individuals will be asked to ship out their Classic Boots via a shipping service provided by the retailer.

Dave Powers, president and CEO of Deckers Brands, the parent company of Ugg, said in a statement: “Ugg is committed to being a more regenerative brand - one that prioritises long-term value over short-term gain by restoring the health of people, communities and the planet.”

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