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UK and Ireland: Events to look out for during Fashion Revolution Week’s 10th anniversary

By Rachel Douglass


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Credits: Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week is almost upon us. The organisation is gearing up for its 10th anniversary year, with 10 days of global action and locally driven activities set to take place from April 15 to 24.

The theme for this year, ‘How to be a Fashion Revolutionary’, draws inspiration from the efforts of Fashion Revolution’s global community over the last decade, exploring what it means to be part of the movement and putting on a pedestal those who are behind social and environmental justice initiatives.

In a release, acting managing director for Fashion Revolution CIC, Rudo Nondo, said: “The story of Fashion Revolution is one of community. Over the last 10 years, our grassroots movement has grown into a fully fledged Global Network across 75 countries and counting.

“Together, we have brought the people who make our clothes to the forefront of the conversation, pushed for greater industry transparency and mobilised countless citizens and policymakers to take action.

“In the lead up to Fashion Revolution Week 2024, we will look back to look forward and invite Fashion Revolutionaries, new and old, to get involved with our next 10 years of fashion activism, guided by the learnings from the last decade.”

Here is what events will be taking place in the UK and Ireland.

Mend in Public Days

Mend in Public Days look to bolster the awareness of slow fashion through what Fashion Revolution dubs as “creative protests”. Open to the general public, each event will have skilled helpers on hand to guide guests, all of which are asked to bring an item in need of repair, with locations to then provide the rest.

There will be a number of these events held by small businesses and local Fashion Revolution teams across the UK on April 20, including in Bristol, Edinburgh, Taunton, Oswestry and Cardiff, where there will also be panels and various workshops held by local retailers and residents at the city’s Sustainable Studio.

In Ireland, meanwhile, the Galway City Museum will be hosting a free workshop on April 13 to show participants how to carry out repairs on clothes, as well as patching, darning and embellishing. Clothes provided for the workshop derive from a local charity shop and will return to the retailer upon completion.

Upcycling workshops

Alongside official ‘Mend in Public’ days, organisations and small businesses will also be holding their own takes on upcycling. Round Retail in London, for example, will be hosting ‘Re-Work with Round Retail’, a full-day event dedicated to customising, re-working and mending clothing. The charitable fashion resale platform will provide attendees with customisable grandpa shirts that they can apply their own appliqués to, a similar concept to the upcycling workshop to be held April 13 by the Little Green Dress in Bristol’s Textile Quarters.

Meanwhile, in Barnstaple, a repair cafe will be held in the town’s public library. The initiative, part of Plastic Free North Devon’s expanding Repair Cafe network and hosted by the Pannier Market, will provide visitors with repair opportunities for textiles and clothing, small electrics and jewellery.

Educational initiatives

Throughout Fashion Revolution Week there will also be some educational events for members of the public. In Bristol on April 20, Re_thrindle will be hosting a panel by the Sustainable Fashion Scene and a clothing swap under its Fashion Narratives event, aimed at encouraging alternative modes of consumption that are more eco-conscious.

In London, meanwhile, Fashion Revolution’s digital communications manager, Mel Watt, will be hosting the workshop ‘How to be a Storyteller’ at the Royal Docks Centre for Sustainability. The two hour long event, marketed to all creatives, will be made up of a workshop and discussion, providing inspiration on how to build up storytelling through film, art and writing. A similar occasion will take place April 18 by I Like Networking and Newless, which will be hosting a networking mixer for creatives “building purpose-led businesses”.

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