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Unlimited Footwear Group falls into bankruptcy

By Sylvana Lijbaart


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Bullboxer, a portfolio brand of Unlimited Footwear Group Credits: Unlimited Footwear Group

A week on from the news that it had been issued with a moratorium on payments, it has now been reported that Unlimited Footwear Group B.V. has failed to emerge from the proceedings, ultimately seeing it fall into bankruptcy, a public insolvency register revealed today. With this, several subsidiaries are also declared bankrupt.

The Dutch company, trading as The Heritage Footwear Company, was granted a moratorium on payments on 16 February. The company was given until 14 May to come up with a plan to meet payments. However, two weeks after the moratorium was obtained, the curtain fell on the company.

Bankruptcy was also declared for subsidiaries Unlimited Footwear Midco B.V., Trend Design Shoe Fashion B.V., Shoes Unlimited B.V., Bullboxer B.V., Oakland Bay B.V., Huntington Beach B.V., Next Level Brands B.V., Unlimited Footwear Holding B.V., Hawick 1874 B.V., Serve&Volley Footwear B.V., Star Collections B.V., Newport Footwear B.V. on 27 February.

It is worth highlighting that not all the subsidiaries have seen the same fate. For instance, Nubikk and Rehab were already not involved in the moratorium and therefore not in the bankruptcy.

FashionUnited sought contact with trustee H.J. Alberts, but he was unable to speak on the matter.

The curtain falls on Unlimited Footwear Group B.V. after suspension of payments

Unlimited Footwear Group designs, buys and distributes shoes for men, women and children. The well-known player in the fashion industry has 13 brands in its portfolio, including six own brands. The Dutch footwear company has further acquired the footwear licences of eight well-known brands, including Gap, G-Star and Lyle & Scott, and has Levi's in its portfolio as a distribution brand.

Unlimited Footwear Group operates all facilities in-house, from design to production and from marketing to sales and distribution. "Thanks to an experienced design team with international reach, our shoes have a recognisable design signature with a distinctive eye for detail. We make sure we incorporate the latest fashion trends in our selection. Thanks to exclusive production facilities, short delivery times are guaranteed. This mix of elements results in a value-for-money product in all segments and for all age groups," the website reads.

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.NL. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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