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Urgency and action: Valentino publishes first sustainability report

By Rachel Douglass


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Maison Valentino releases first sustainability report. Credits: Valentino.

In a world where sustainability practices are increasingly becoming more of a necessity rather than a choice, reports on the matter are now an industry-wide norm utilised as a platform to ensure transparency and accountability. While widely adopted already by large-scale conglomerates and global fashion brands, the concept is less evident in the workings of independent luxury brands – something that Maison Valentino looks to be changing.

The Italian label has now issued its first Sustainability Report for the year 2022, a move that it said aligned with its “commitment to adopting a responsible and ethical approach towards people and the environment”. Following the motto of its overarching sustainability strategy ‘Let the Beauty Prosper’, the document provides an overview of specific targets, achievements and objectives that come in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard.

In a joint statement in the report, creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and CEO Jacopo Venturini said: “As a Maison de Couture, it is important for us to keep developing sustainably while building resiliency and maintaining repeatable, ethical, and responsible growth. At Valentino, we understand the urgency of taking action on sustainability, and we are committed to promoting a culture that embraces our environment and its community.

Striving for traceable raw materials, renewable energy

“We have a duty and an opportunity to keep raising the bar with constant improvement. To this end, we are proud to present the first-ever Sustainability Report of our maison. This is an effort to measure our performance with an evidence-based and scientific approach and set ambitious targets. Our aim is to lead with purpose, making a positive impact both within the company, with and for our community, and everyone.”

The publication follows three central principles, each of which Valentino said it would monitor over time to “ensure a sustainable path”. While the Product section revolves around the commitment to maintaining “couture excellence and promoting ethical values” in the supply chain, People offers an overview of the group’s personnel and its giving-back initiatives that aim to support communities. Additionally, Planet provides insight into the company’s carbon footprint, and highlights its range of circular projects.

Among the varying details and data provided in the report, Valentino also shared the central objectives in its operational plan. These included ensuring that 100 percent of key raw materials are traceable by 2030, training 80 percent of employees on its sustainability strategy by 2026 and integrating 90 percent renewable energy across the group by 2030, among others.

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