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US skincare brand Proven to launch in EU and UK

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Proven Skincare

Proven Skincare is set to make its first international expansion into the EU and UK after its launch in Canada in July 2021.

The company’s decision to expand into new regions is based on the global demand for personalised skincare solutions, it said in a release, and comes after a period of “significant” growth for the brand.

Since its founding in 2017 and its official launch in 2019, initially in the US, Proven has secured a patent protecting its skincare solution and “solid” seed funding led by Social Capital.

The brand utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to develop the five products it currently offers, applying its proprietary Skin Genome Project, a beauty database, to help craft the personalised solutions.

In light of its expansion into the UK and EU, Proven said it has gathered local environmental data on the region and executed a “major tech build to incorporate it into Proven’s existing AI”.

The brand’s co-founder and CEO, Ming S. Zhao said: “Too many customers still rely on one-size-fits-all skincare products that do not take into account their unique concerns and needs. Proven provides personalised, adaptive, effective skincare solutions that take into account a person’s skin, life and environment.”

Customers in the UK and EU will now have access to Proven’s cleaner, moisturiser, night cream, day eye cream and night eye cream, each of which can be purchased either as collections or separately.