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Valentino looks to make its website sustainable

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Valentino

Luxury fashion house Valentino is partnering with Karma Metrix to help quantify the energy performance of its website as part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a sustainable business.

Italy-based search marketing and AI company, Karma Metrix Energy Efficient Website, found that Valentino’s website generates 2.56 grams of carbon dioxide emissions per page view, after analysing more than 11 million Valentino.com’s page views and accounting numbers and types of JavaScript files, images size, chromatic choices and simplicity of html coding.

It made these calculations using its proprietary “innovative algorithm” to quantify the CO2 emission produced by analysing dozens of energy efficiency factors of web pages to define a path of sustainability and of energy saving.

Valentino said in a statement that by continuously assessing its digital footprint via Karma Metrix’s algorithm, it will be able to measure its energy efficiencies and implement actions aimed at reducing its impact on the environment as it looks to “generate a positive change for the planet”.

“Sustainability nowadays also embraces the digital sphere, and it is essential to start addressing the longstanding issue of digital pollution caused by web pages,” explained Valentino. “The CO2 emissions linked to websites - due to the fossil fuels powering data centres and end devices, alongside the current ineffective methodologies - are at such high levels to have raised imminent awareness on digital sustainability.”

Ale Agostini, creator of the Karma Metrix project, added: “Facts show that the Maison, committed to generating new digital opportunities within the brand, is at the forefront of the green transition process.

“We are pleased to join forces with the Maison to raise awareness that green transition also involves a more efficient development of websites focusing on energy efficiency. As Karma Metrix we are proud to promote positive change that aims to reduce CO2 emissions.”

Karma Metrix Energy Efficient Website