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Valentino to go fur-free as part of business model redesign

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

19 May 2021


Image: courtesy of Valentino

Italian fashion house Valentino has announced that it is redesigning its business model that will see the label going fur-free starting from 2022 and closing its RedValentino line from 2024.

The move aims to redefine its positioning, allowing Maison Valentino to “focus its energies on one single label” to “leverage creativity and mastery to support a new momentum on sustainability”.

Jacopo Venturini, chief executive of Valentino, said in a statement: “Maison de Couture for us means creativity, uniqueness, intimacy and an inclusive mindset. The fur-free stance is perfectly in line with the values of our company.

“We are moving full-steam ahead in the research for alternative materials in view of a greater attention to the environment for the upcoming collections.”

To go fur-free, the Italian brand will cease production of its Milan-based Valentino Polar fur company at the end of 2021. Valentino has owned the fur company since 2018 and states that the last collection to include fur will be for the autumn/winter 2021-22 season.

Valentino to terminate RedValentino and go fur-free

In addition, Valentino added that it is streamlining its collections and all activities relating to the RedValentino business will terminate starting from 2024. The last collection including clothing and accessories will be for autumn/winter 2023-24.

Venturini added: “The aesthetic vision of our creative director - combined with the artisanal spirit and excellence of the workmanship - harmonies perfectly with new technologies and future objectives.

“The inputs to which our customers, or Friends of the House, are exposed to every day are many. In this scenario, the concentration on one, and only one brand, will better support a more organic growth of the Maison.”

The company adds that it is working closely with trade union representatives for the management of the organisational issues in compliance with the regulations in the various countries, aiming to have a minimum impact on employees.

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