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VF Corporation enhances worker well-being programs

By Tess Stenzel


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The North Face

VF Corporation announced it is strengthing its worker well-being programs throughout its global supply chain through enhanced training and assessments on human rights issues such as discrimination, child labor, forced labor, and health and safety.

The company stated it has now become a global partner with Better Work, a collaboration between the UN’s International Labor Organization and the International Finance Corporation that brings together all levels of the garment industry to improve working conditions and respect labor rights for workers.

“Our partnership with Better Work is another demonstration of our deep commitment to managing an ethical, responsible, and sustainable supply chain that puts people at the center,” stated Peter Higgins, VF’s vice president global responsible sourcing, in a release.

“I’m confident this strengthened partnership will do even more to support the advancement of key human rights priorities, including those focused on freedom of association, gender-based violence, and workplace harassment.”

The partnership includes a program that assesses the working conditions and possible improvements for VF supply factories located in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. If issues arise, VF, Better Work, and the factory, including workers, will collaborate on effective solutions that directly impact and improve factory workers’ lives.

VF Corporation is now one of 40 global partners of the Better Work program.

VF Corporation