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Victoria’s Secret launches programme donating undergarments to women

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret has launched a new programme through which it has said it is aiming to donate essential undergarments to one million women and young adults by 2025.

The ‘VS&Co Essentials’ initiative will begin with a donation of nearly one million panties to be distributed to around 140,000 women across the US, with each to receive a one-week supply of panties.

The first donation will be made in partnership with Maryland-based nonprofit I Support The Girls, which collects and distributes essential items to people experiencing homelessness.

The brand said that the programme will be expanding internationally in 2023, with it additionally planning to include period panty and mastectomy bra donations in the offer too.

Furthermore, Victoria’s Secret will also be working with a growing list of similar nonprofits as the programme expands. Those interested are able to apply through a dedicated site.

“Since becoming a new, independent company, we have been focused on using our platform for purpose, to become a leading advocate for women,” said Leslie Nixon, associate vice president of community relations, in a release.

Nixon added: “Ensuring access to basic essentials such as quality undergarments is one way we can help women feel more confident and supported as they work to overcome life’s obstacles.”

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