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WWF launches digital information hub for sustainable business solutions

By Cenia Zitter


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Image: 'The Future of Business' platform. Credit: WWF.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has launched a digital information hub to support businesses on their sustainable journeys.

Even though publicly listed companies make up about 40 percent of all climate-warming emissions, the private sector should not be underestimated when it comes to potential driving forces for the transition towards a net-zero and “nature-positive” economy, as stated in WWF’s official release.

The platform, which is called ‘The Future of Business’, offers sustainable business solutions for companies in Central and Eastern Europe in the form of applicable insights on topical sustainable practices.

The hub starts its journey offering education on five different themes: climate leadership, water and forest stewardship, finance, and food systems. These topics are supported by three types of media: podcasts, videos and articles.

The first podcast season is supported by window manufacturer Velux, with its first episode ‘1.5C Emission Possible: How Businesses can drive the transition towards a net-zero economy’ already available to listen.

Additionally, WWF will put together sector-based events to enable expertise exchange and develop a virtual library with scientific reports and practical guidelines.

The partnership between WWF and Velux started in 2020, with the intention of a 20 year collaboration to take on responsibility for emissions and to focus on forest conservation and restoration. ‘The Future of Business’ is a sub project of this partnership.

“We have created ‘The Future of Business’ with the purpose to examine what the future of our region could look like and how to shape it in favour of people and nature. Our goal is to ignite the vital conversation on the business case behind sustainability,” shares Peter Baráth, regional director of marketing and partnerships at WWF CEE.