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Yoox introduces homeware and art category to marketplace

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Yoox, Net-a-Porter

Yoox has expanded its marketplace range to now include a new Home Décor and Art category, as its owner Net-a-Porter looks to transition to a “hybrid operating model” that enhances customer experience.

The product category initially launched through Net-a-Porter in 2006, offering a curation of art and design products from home and design retailers.

As part of its Yoox launch, furniture will now also be available to purchase, in a bid to display a more complete offering for customers.

Via Yoox’s online marketplace, customers will be able to shop nearly 10,000 related products in the first two months of launching.

The brand first launched its marketplace in January 2022 as a platform dedicated to delivering a wider range of products and categories.

It is currently live in almost 30 European markets, with it setting its sights on further expansion in the US and Middle East in the near future.

Its addition came as Net-a-Porter strived to adopt a more flexible commerce model, which could adapt quickly to consumer preferences and strengthen its relationship with brand partners.

In a release, Yoox managing director, Valentina Visconi Prasca, said: “Yoox was born as a one-stop lifestyle store, offering everything from fashion and accessories to design and art; with the launch of Home Décor and Art, we draw from our heritage roots, creating a holistic 360 degree lifestyle offering for customers, and enabling them to elevate their living space with some of the most renowned home and design brands.”

Next to Home Décor and Art, Yoox has also increased its Kids category, adding over 70,000 products to the section over the last three months.