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Zara files lawsuit against Thilikó for copyright infringement

By Alissa Schumacher


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Image: Inditex media room

Zara, owned by leading retail group Inditex, has filed a complaint about the Los Angeles-based fashion brand Thilikó, LLC accusing it of copyright infringement, false advertising, and deceptive trade acts under New York state law. According to Zara, the brand misrepresents the origin and source of its clothing and accessories.

On January 4, the group filed a lawsuit in the New York federal court, accusing Thilikó of passing off the products it offers as its own. Thilikó allegedly purchased Zara products, removed the labels, replaced them with their own, and sold them for significantly higher prices.

The marketing and labels create the impression that the products are designed and manufactured by Thilikó and then sold through its own e-commerce website and other retailers.

In addition, Thilikó is accused of misusing the copyrighted photos published on Zara's website and thereby violating the website's regulation prohibiting the use and alteration of materials without permission.

Zara itself has been accused in the past for copying products from luxury and high-end brands. Nevertheless, Thilikó positions itself as a socially responsible and committed brand that offers sustainable clothing, and Zara criticises these as false statements.

Zara is now demanding monetary damages and injunctive relief to stop Thilikó from copying products and images. According to the group, the defendants’ conduct continues and “undoubtedly” encompasses additional copyright infringements that are not yet disclosed.

However, there is also the possibility that the brand sources the goods from third-party manufacturers who are copying Zara items without letting the brand know.