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Zero10 launches AR Fashion Platform allowing users to create and wear digital fashion

By Rachel Douglass


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Zero10 AR Fashion Platform. Image: Zero10

Zero 10 has launched a new “digital fashion hub” that will allow designers, brands and users to create and wear virtual clothing through augmented reality (AR).

The ‘AR Fashion Platform’ aims to create a space for the “best in digital fashion”, the company said in a release, while also allowing for virtual clothing to be wearable in real life through Zero10’s proprietary AR technology.

To launch the platform, Zero10 worked alongside creators to gather opinions and feedback and inform on its development.

The platform will allow anyone to showcase their own designs in AR, try on digital garments and curate virtual wardrobes, with it soon set to introduce the ability to sell designs.

Zero10 AR Fashion Platform. Image: Zero10

Next to its initial launch stage, Zero10 also said it had plans to introduce an educational programme for creators to learn how to transform designs into AR pieces.

Set to go live at the start of 2023, the initiative, ‘Zero10 AR Studio’, will come as a feature in the platform, providing users with “user-friendly” design tools.

Ultimately, the firm, which already operates an AR try-on solution, is looking to democratise digital fashion, making the space accessible to all.

In its release, CEO of Zero10, George Yashin, said: “Using our advanced technology and capabilities, we want to support the digital creators community to make this shift happen and create a future where fashion can truly be expressive and unique, limitless, and more sustainable.

“We want our Platform to become the designated space for collaboration, community and connection where anyone who is passionate about design, technology, content and digital fashion has a chance to bring their ideas into the world via augmented reality.”

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