Zozotown, “Japan’s Amazon”, to reach US shores in late July

Later this July, Maezawa’s Zozotown will be debuting it’s first in-house line of clothes in 72 countries, including the US. The new brand is called ‘Zozo’ and will be made-to-fit for every customer.

Japan’s largest online fashion retailer Start Today has started to roll out its innovative custom-fit private label Zozo in 72 countries. “Unfortunately up until now, our business has been domestic. We haven’t been able to do anything globally,” CEO Yusaku Maezawa said. “I am happy that we now have the chance to bring this service to 72 countries.”

Zozo will include oxford button downs, jeans, and several different types of T-shirts. All styles will be sold on its website, will cost under 100 dollars, and will be made in less than two weeks. The clothes will also be custom-fit for every individual shopper.

“It’s 2018, and there’s so much technology that enables us to truly make custom clothes for people, and bring an entire new experience to market,” Masahiro Ito, who oversees Zozotown’s engineering and research and development efforts, told ‘Racked’ in a recent interview.

Zozotown will take AI-driven fashion to US consumers

In a news conference, Start Today founder and CEO Yusaku Maezawa said consumers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas can now sign up to receive free Zozosuits. These dotted bodysuits allow a smartphone camera Zozo app to take precise measurements.

The company then uses that data to make and sell to consumers custom-made clothes, removing the uncertainty of choosing sizes over the internet that may not fit in real life.

“The time where people adapt to clothing is over,” Maezawa said. “This is the new era where clothes adapt to people.”

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