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Bethany Williams joins 2022 exhibition line-up at The Design Museum

By Rachel Douglass

7 Sep 2021


Image: Bethany Williams

Clothing designer Bethany Williams has been revealed as part of the exhibition line-up coming to London’s Design Museum, in 2022.

Scheduled to arrive in spring, Williams’ exhibition will explore her socially and environmentally aware work, featuring pieces from collaborations with community projects and items composed from recycled materials. Her display will also include work produced in collaboration with the Emergency Designer Network, involving the creation of PPE during the pandemic.

The designer is a strong advocate for sustainably produced fashion, experimenting with recycled material such as book waste as a way to comment on the contradictions in the industry.

Bethany Williams will be joining a number of other innovative exhibitors at the location, including book designer Irma Boom who collaborated with Chanel, Viktor&Rolf and many other fashion houses on the creation of branded books.

The exhibition is also set to feature a Hugo Boss sponsored Vitra Design Museum display, highlighting the work of surrealist artists, craftsmen and graphic designers from the twentieth century. Salvador Dali, Shiro Kuramata and Max Ernst are just some of the influential figures included in the roundup.

The museums main exhibition revolves around the design and structuring of football matches, exploring the technical elements of the game.

In addition to its exhibitions, the museum has further announced its 2022 line-up of residency offers, awards and prize funds available for young and emerging designers and entrepreneurs. The programmes are structured to support individuals on their projects and start-ups, offering exhibition spaces and funds to facilitate their work.