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Chatsworth exhibition to celebrate Duchess of Devonshire’s Style and Erdem SS24

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Erdem SS24 collection Credits: Erdem

A new fashion exhibition opening at British stately homes Chatsworth celebrating the image and legacy of the late dowager Duchess Deborah Devonshire and the Devonshire Collections through the spring/summer 2024 collection of Erdem Moralioglu.

The ‘Imaginary Conversations’ exhibition will run from June 21 to October 20 and will explore the interiors, fabrics and fashion archive of Chatsworth House as a source of inspiration for Erdem’s SS24 collection, which was dedicated to and inspired by the Duchess, as well as give an insight into her life.

The exhibition promises to showcase “how the past informs the present in the process of creating a contemporary fashion collection” with a journey through the Regency Guest Bedrooms at Chatsworth, bringing to life Erdem’s design process from the inspiration, craft and tools involved in translating the life and legacy of an individual subject into a fully realised fashion collection.

Duchess Deborah. 1952, Cecil Beaton Archive Credits: Cecil Beaton Archive, © Condé Nast

The designer was allowed access to the extensive archives of the estate by the Devonshire family and the Chatsworth House Trust, the charity that looks after the house, garden and collections, to research his latest collection.

He took inspiration from the Duchess Deborah’s personality, passions, and her extensive designer wardrobe for the collection, and even repurposed archival fabrics, including historic curtains, that once hung within Chatsworth.

The exhibition will feature letters, objects and photographs that once belonged to the Duchess that inspired Erdem, alongside her jewellery and clothing, as well as looks from Erdem’s collection to “reveal the biographical and anthropological power of fashion to tell ongoing stories about people, time and place, together”.

Erdem SS24 collection Credits: Erdem

Commenting on the exhibition, Jane Marriott, director at Chatsworth House Trust, said in a statement: “For five centuries, Chatsworth has been a home of creativity and a source of inspiration for countless designers, makers, and artists, and we are delighted to build on this legacy with Imaginary Conversations. The exhibition provides insight into Erdem’s creative process, from the initial thrill of discovery when delving into the Devonshire Archives to the artistry and techniques of his new designs.

“As a charity, we care for the incredible Devonshire Collections in order to share them with everyone. It is so exciting to see the historic collections reimagined through a contemporary lens in this way, and we hope that by sharing the process behind this collaboration we can inspire the next generation of creative leaders.”

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