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Dior launches web series of inspiring women

By Tess Stenzel


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Christian Dior Parfums and creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri have launched a new series of short videos inspired by exceptional women.

The video portraits showcase women who embody what it means to choose their own destiny, show grace and determination while having a meaningful impact on those around them. #Diorstandswithwomen #Diorchinup series features Dior ambassadors, activists, actresses, journalists, professors, athletes, and photographers, to name a few.

The series consists of 17 women who share their singular voices to give advice and examples of what it means to be a powerful woman today. Writer and journalist Leïla Slimani insists that women must allow themselves to not always please others and “know how to say no!”

“Am I being authentic to myself or am I being a product of what I feel like society wants me to be?” asked top model Dilone. Natalie Portman, actress, director, and activist adds, “It was instilled in me very early on that if there is injustice you have to stand up. Because not standing up against injustice is being complicit with it.”

In addition to the #Diorstandswithwomen #Diorchinup series of inspiring stories, Dior has joined actress Charlize Theron to provide funding to her CTAOP Youth Leader Scholarship Program, helping pay for young girls education in Africa.

The scholarship program covers all educational costs for fifteen students for four years while they attend university.

The program was launched in 2019 in partnership with Theron, StudyTrust, and the UCLA Center for World Health. Christian Dior Parfums will cover all individual scholarship costs of the CTAOP Youth Leadership Scholarship 2021 program recipients over the next four years.

Image: Dior