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Ikea heading to Paris Fashion Week with Annie Leibovitz

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Annie Leibovitz, Ikea artist in residence Credits: Ikea

Swedish homeware and furniture retailer Ikea is to showcase a new collection of portraits by Annie Leibovitz during Paris Fashion Week next month.

From February 29 to March 3, Ikea will take over 28 Rue de Lappe close to Paris’s Bastille and showcase Leibovitz’s ‘Life at Home’ collection featuring twenty-five portraits from homes in the UK, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the US during her tenure as Ikea’s artist in residence.

The free Ikea showcase will also feature portraits taken by six up-and-coming photographers from the unique mentorship programme led by the Swedish retailer and Leibovitz, as well as an Ikea food and drink court, music from Paris and London-based radio station Rinse, and a programme of events.

Ikea also adds that it will be featuring a colourful new collection of products from “an exciting new collaborator”.

Marcus Engman, creative director at Ingka Group (Ikea Retail), said in a statement: “Ikea+ creates a global arena for emerging talents, ground-breaking artists and musicians and brings together the international crowd of creative souls in Paris. Join us as we add up a diverse mixture of people, topics and experiences that celebrate the new, the unseen, and the unexpected.”

Annie Leibovitz
Paris Fashion Week