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Kiton partners with Triennale Milano on a new craftsmanship exhibition

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Antonio De Matteis, chief executive of Kiton Credits: Courtesy of Pitti Immagine

The Triennale Milano museum is working with Kiton to spotlight the Italian brand’s in-house tailoring school expertise to highlight craftsmanship training.

‘Tailoring School. A Journey into Education,’ co-produced by Triennale and Kiton, will be held during Milan Men’s Fashion Week from January 12 to 16, 2024, and aims to preserve traditions and secure the ongoing legacy of tailoring worldwide.

Curated by Luca Stoppini, advisor of the fashion archive of Triennale Milano, the exhibition will tell the story of the cultural heritage and rich tradition of Neapolitan tailoring that the school embodies, giving a glimpse into the training academy that opened in 2000.

Alongside the free exhibition will be a series of events designed to promote the training experience “as a positive model that can be replicated in other contexts”.

Antonio De Matteis, chief executive of Kiton, said in a statement: “Since the year 2000, Kiton has been focusing on training through the creation of the Tailoring School, which was the wish of its founder, Ciro Paone, to enable young people to learn the tailoring trade, thereby guaranteeing its continuity, and giving young people a stimulus for their future. Thanks to our commitment to this project, we have seen our School grow over the years, becoming a point of reference for young people and opening up new opportunities for our graduates, both inside and outside the company, enabling them to join other companies or set up their own businesses.

“This is a great source of pride for Kiton, because it means that young people have understood the importance of learning a trade in order to secure a future. We are honoured to be working with Triennale Milano, a cultural institution that shares our belief in the value of training and human capital. Through our partnership we will be able to give voice to this project and tell our story of excellence to the world in the best possible way, while preserving our cultural heritage.”

Stefano Boeri, president of Triennale Milano, added: “Education is one of the main themes that an institution must address, especially by thinking about the significance it has for new generations and the dialogue it brings. Triennale Milano seeks to return to being a School: a place where the proximity to beautiful objects and spaces, together with the circulation of lyrical ideas, unexpected concepts and powerful images, is an opportunity to transmit knowledge, expertise and know-how.

“At Triennale Milano, we believe that education creates positive paths, and we are happy to open a dialogue with such an extraordinary project as Scuola di Alta Sartoria di Kiton (Kiton’s Tailoring School), which combines the teaching of a profession with the aspirations of young people.”

Triennale Milano