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Milan gets its first Denim School

By Marjorie van Elven

11 Jul 2018

Milan attracts fashion students from all over the world, thanks to prominent schools such as the Marangoni Institute and the Domus Academy. Now, the city has become even more attractive for those looking to pursue a career in the fashion industry, as it now hosts the first Italian school entirely dedicated to denim and jeans. Launched this week, the Denim School of Milano was founded by Gianni Fontana and Cristian Murianni, the same duo behind the Denim Boulevard fair. All teachers and lecturers are experts in the denim world, according to the school's website.

While the school aims to offer both short and long courses, the only option available at the moment is a two-week workshop set to start in September. Participants will be introduced to the history of denim, as well as basic design and dying techniques. They will also visit denim factories and make their own pair of jeans in a three-day laboratory. Tuition costs 700 euro, but those who book a spot before the end of July will benefit from a 20 percent discount.

The Denim School of Milano is set to expand its portfolio with a one-month course and a one-year course in 2019. It also intends to repeat its two-week workshops throughout the year and offer a series of seminars. Companies looking to expand their staff’s knowledge about denim can also apply for a custom tailored course.