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Vans introduces new livestream broadcast channel 66

By Tess Stenzel

16 Feb 2021

Vans has launched a digital livestream network broadcasting weekdays from Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Mexico City.

Channel 66 will be available to audiences worldwide and offers live audio and video broadcasting featuring DJ sets, talk shows with pro skateboarders, workshops, live musical performances, sports coverage, fashion news, and community relations.

The company is well known for mixing fashion, footwear, skate, and music. Channel 66 gives airtime opportunities to local skate shops, restaurants, music venues, shops, and independent record labels to build stronger community relations.

“As distance and separation from others have become an unfortunate reality for everyone across the world, Vans strive to cultivate Channel 66 as a place where audiences from all walks of life can come together to find inspiration,” stated the brand in a press release.

Vans will use existing key locations, The General in Brooklyn, New York; House of Vans Chicago; Mexico City (broadcasting Spanish speaking shows); and Vans Downtown LA to serve as host venues for the new programming.

photo credit: Vans