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CIFF to launch new digital platform in partnership with Traede

By Anna Zwettler

1 Jul 2020


Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is one of the few trade fairs that has not been cancelled due to the coronavirus, with its next edition taking place from August 9 to 12. The organizers have recently announced the launch of their new digital platform CIFF Digital in partnership with online fashion sales platform Traede.

From SS21 onwards, CIFF and CIFF Youth exhibitors will have the opportunity to provide their own digital showroom in order to strengthen their exposure and reach more buyers. Meanwhile, buyer experience while researching brands online will also be enhanced.

“CIFF Digital provides an additional level of experience, regardless of the physical representation of brands or buyers at CIFF and CIFF Youth,” said the organizers in a statement on CIFF's website. “CIFF’s partnership with Traede is focused on providing our community with the right toolset so that everyone can focus on what’s important… their business.”

While available during the physical fair, the digital platform can also be used outside of these dates, which can help buyers and brands expand their international reach further. Additional information and support material on CIFF Digital will be provided shortly.

Photo Credit: FashionUnited/Caitlyn Terra