Jacket Required partners with Mallzee

Contemporary menswear and streetwear trade show Jacket Required is teaming up with Mallzee Insights to deliver the first-ever, fully personalised interactive data-driven trade show for its next edition taking place at the Old Truman Brewery in London from July 24-25.

In today’s challenging retail environment data is becoming increasingly important for retailers and the partnership is aiming to generate over 38,000 customer opinions on the actual products being showcased at Jacket Required, meaning that rather than just talking about data, “exhibitors will benefit first-hand from receiving authentic customer opinion and insights on their products”.

Mallzee Insights will provide in-depth customer insights on exhibitor’s products designed to help drive sales, support opinions on products with hard data, whilst providing insights to retail partners that will improve full price sales through improved merchandising and targeted marketing.

In addition, Jacket Required exhibitors will receive a free trial with Mallzee and the opportunity to put forward 10 products generating thousands of consumer opinions. The best performing products will be highlighted at the show and discussed in a dedicated session at the show on July 24.

Cally Russell, founder and chief executive at Mallzee Insights, said in a statement: “We currently work with a range of fashion retailers helping them optimise their product ranges and improve margins using our unique pre-release product testing solution - Product Future. Partnering with trade show visionaries, Jacket Required enables us to deliver the first ever fully personalised interactive data-driven trade show, generating over 38,000 customer opinions on the actual products being showcased at the show rather than just talking about data.

“The retail market is tough and with consumer behaviours evolving more rapidly than ever before, the ability to add customer opinion on products into the decision-making process helps protect retailers against over and under stock positions which crucify margins.”

Jacket Required event director Adam Gough added: “It is our combined vision to make retail better and more efficient, helping brands and retailers bring the right products to market, empowering buying teams with compelling data-driven insights over ‘gut’ decisions, and move away from financially unsustainable strategies. Pre-release product testing solutions is also another important tool in enabling designers and brands to create less unwanted stock and reduce waste in their journey to becoming more sustainable.”

Image: courtesy of Mallzee


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