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Joor announces new partnerships for the summer 2021 season

By Veerle Versteeg

19 May 2021


Image credit: Joor

For the first time, global wholesale platform Joor is partnering with Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) as well as the UK Department for International trade via its Joor Passport service.

As part of its partnership with renowned Copenhagen trade show CIFF, Joor will support the virtual element of the event, the company announced in a press release. In addition, it will be present at the physical event that is set to take place in August, by highlighting 12 sustainable brands participating in the fair which make use of its services.

Joor will also be spotlighting British fashion brands in two events organized in collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade (DIT). This partnership will feature a series of webinars co-hosted by Joor and the DIT which cover important topics such as sustainability and best practices in digital wholesale.

In addition to the two new partnerships, the Joor Passport platform will exclusively power the virtual editions of eleven global fashion events this summer, including the first trade show of the season, Veste Rio in Brazil (May 24), hosted in collaboration with Vogue Brazil, as well as Splash Paris, Cabana, Liberty Fairs, Premium/Seek, and Brazilian Footwear.

Kristin Savilia, CEO of Joor, said in a statement: “Joor is and has always been an omnichannel platform.”

She continued: “We launched Joor Passport last year to support virtual shows and ensure business continuity for brands and retailers, and immediately saw strong adoption. We’ll continue supporting virtual shows in the future, and are also thrilled that brands and buyers are returning to the showroom where they place orders on Joor through our iPhone and iPad app.”

Virtual fashion shows have grown rapidly over the past year as the pandemic has forced physical events to be cancelled. Up until now, Joor has hosted 31 global events on its Joor Passport platform, attracting more than 225,000 visitors from 142 countries. In terms of brands, more than 2,800 have participated in a Joor Passport event and more than 740,000 items have been sold.

As shows gradually return in a physical format, the wholesale platform expects professionals to continue participating in the virtual aspect of events. This virtual side tends to stretch out over multiple weeks beyond the physical show.

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