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Kingpins Amsterdam to make its return

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Gracia Dharma via Unsplash

Dutch trade show Kingpins Amsterdam has announced that it is set to make its return, with new dates for two editions revealed to be April 20 to 21 and October 19 to 20.

In an announcement, it noted that preparations for the upcoming editions have begun, with the further hope that the Dutch government will not block public gatherings.

It added: “At this point, our attitude is that new virus ‘brands’ are not going to stop coming at us. Those of us who need to be inspired need to get out of our little bubbles.”

The trade show’s Amsterdam edition has not been held in over two years due to the pandemic and the restrictions that have come with it. As a result, Kingpins took to the digital realm with the launch of Kingpins Global in October 2021, delivering an online platform that aimed the act as a virtual trade show.

There have also been disruptions in the organisation’s other locations, including New York, for which the event’s December edition was cancelled due to the continued rise in covid-19 cases.

The announcement of the Amsterdam dates brings a glimmer of hope to the trade show world, as it looks to remould into the ‘new normal’.

Kingpins Amsterdam will be held at SugarCity, a former sugar factory that holds a large, open space that should allow for a safe environment for the event to take place.

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