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Kingpins New York cancel December show

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Kingpins

After two years of digital-only events, the denim trade show Kingpins has announced it has cancelled its December edition in New York due to Covid related concerns.

Instead, the trade show will return to its digital format that was developed over the course of the past year. The decision comes after the organisation evaluated the pandemic’s status in New York, stating that the latest predictions suggested the situation may worsen over the coming months due to school openings and weather conditions.

Initially, the show was to take place in December as a way to celebrate the passing of the pandemic. However, the company has now declared that it no longer believes the pandemic will have died down for the industry then, with denim producing nations seeing a number of high scale lockdowns.

In its statement, it also noted the low vaccination rates of these countries, including Egypt, Bangladesh and Vietnam that only have 3-15 percent of their populations vaccinated.

Founder Andrew Olah said in an announcement: “We do not wish to be a half-a-show or shadow of what we used to be. We do not wish to risk renewed travel restrictions barring exhibitors from entering the country for our show. We want our physical shows to come back as close as possible to what they once were - and this cannot happen in the current conditions.”

The show will continue to go ahead through a digital platform that will host shows, information and seminars. Kingpins24 Global, originally based in Amsterdam, will take place digitally on October 19 - 21, followed by Kingpins24 Latin America which will happen November 9 - 10.

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