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Kingpins to launch Sister trade show: Why

By Vivian Hendriksz


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International Denim boutique trade show Kingpins has announced the plans to launch a new 'sister' trade fair to run alongside its upcoming edition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Named "Why by Kingpins Show" the new event is set to be the debut trade show to focus specifically on branding within the denim industry. The sister trade fair, which will run alongside Kingpins from April 13 - 14, is set to take place at the Transformatorhuis in Westerpark, adjacent to the main event.

Kingpins launches new trade show focusing on branding

"Why" aims to develop a sense of community within the denim industry whilst acting as a platform for denim brands and branding companies to share inspiration and education and help form the future of branding design in the industry. The idea for the debut trade fair stems from Kingpins founder Andrew Olah and branding strategist and futurist Kris Dumon.

"There isn’t a show that is giving branding, accessory, and label and tag companies a big enough spotlight," said Olah in a statement. "Why is built on the idea that branding is a key component to the success of a denim brand – and it is an area of our industry that is particularly interesting right now. The level of innovation and creativity that is being pushed out by this sector is fantastic."

The new trade fair is set to feature all items from the denim industry, from labels to trims to accessories as well as innovative technologies which will have a dedicated show space on the floor. Similarly to Kingpins, Why will also feature complimentary seminars and panels and is open to all Kingpins visitors.

"I wanted to create a platform to show the new next to the old, so people get inspired to do something different than re-using the old over and over again," said Dumon. "I have been a fan of Kingpins for some time and appreciate how the DNA of the show is interwoven with the DNA of the denim industry. It is the kind of environment that fosters relationships and acts as a gathering place for the denim industry."

"However, traditionally there hasn’t been much room for more than a few select branding companies on the Kingpins show floor. Now, with Why we have the opportunity to engage with more branding companies and create a special environment that will do for branding what Kingpins has done for denim textiles."

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