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Kingpins Transformers Introduces ED - A New Conference For Students

By Aileen Yu


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KINGPINS TRANSFORMERS: ED is the first of what Kingpins Transformers organizers hope will be an annual educational conference for fashion students who are still in university and just about to enter the fashion industry. The all-day conference is set for October 18th at Ravensbourne University in London and is sponsored by Tencel, Saitex and FibreTrace.

As with all Kingpins Transformers conferences, the focus of TRANSFORMERS: ED will be on the social, environmental and economic challenges facing the denim industry. The event will spotlight solutions being created by leading members of the denim community and help students understand the inefficiencies and threats facing the denim supply chain – as well as opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Andrew Olah, founder of Kingpins Transformers and Kingpins Show stated, “if we want to push the denim industry toward the radical change that is necessary to make us sustainable and transparent, we – as an industry – must actively engage with students, educate them, provide them with insights and support them as they enter the industry. I taught a denim course at FIT for 15 years with that goal. ED is our attempt at doing the same thing on a larger scale. Thankfully, we have enjoyed tremendous support from our friends and partners.”

At the inaugural event, there will be 15 speakers which include Kerry Bannigan of Conscious Fashion Campaign, Miguel Sanchez of Gavilan, Michael Kininmonth of Lenzing, Helen Latham of The LYCRA Company, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Rowan Hunt of Debenhams and Andrew Olah of Olah Inc. and Kingpins Show. For a full list of speakers, please visit the Transformers site.

Kingpins Show organizers in collaboration with Amsterdam-based House of Denim, represents members of the denim community that are committed to creating, implementing and sharing the changes that need to happen in the jeans industry to make it more environmentally viable, socially responsible and financially sound.

Photo: FashionUnited

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