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Messe Frankfurt reveals plans to globally roll out sustainable fair Neonyt

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Neonyt

Messe Frankfurt, the operator of Neonyt, has revealed plans to initiate an international roll out of the sustainable trade show and its coinciding events and conferences.

The news comes as the organisation announced the next German edition of the B2B event which will be held in Düsseldorf from January 28 to 30, 2023.

According to Messe, Neonyt, which was initially held in France until 2012, has benefited from its German hub’s logistical circumstances within the sustainable textile and fashion industry.

However, its vice president of textiles and textile technologies, Olaf Schmidt, said in a release that the company needs to recalibrate its concepts and events for the sake of expanded accessibility.

According to Schmidt, relevant stakeholders have said that it is “essential that Neonyt be expanded not only as a marketing and business platform but also with regard to its impact on sustainability in the order business”.

He added that the company will now plan to take this into consideration and “develop the brand accordingly”.

In its release, Messe noted Neonyt will go ahead as a B2B event for its next edition, while further satellite events will also take place around the world.

Neonyt Düsseldorf will be held in cooperation with Igedo Company for the first time, which will see the firm take responsibility for operative planning and implementation.

For future editions, Neonyt will be held as a licence event alongside the Fashn Rooms, connecting with the event’s content-creator segment and integrating a number of its apparel divisions into the show.

Messe Frankfurt will also be working on new events centred around its D2C concept ‘Neonyt Labs’, which first launched in June 2022 in Frankfurt, while its Fashionsustain conference is also set to see an expansion.

The conference, which will take place alongside Fashn Rooms in January 2023, has already been hosted at various international fairs, with Messe stating that its global efforts will be resumed in order to highlight scalable technologies and the sustainable fashion sector at relevant events.

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