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Texworld reveals colors, themes and mood for Spring 2020

By Jackie Mallon



New York - Texworld delivered a first look at important themes for S/S 2020 on day one of their biannual textile and sourcing event held in New York City this month. The presentation which was delivered by their Art Director, Louis Gerin, outlines the leading palettes and rising aesthetics decoded by their transatlantic trend team into prevailing moods, colors, and textures.

Described as a current vision for the world of tomorrow, the focus is on new beginnings and rebirth. Complete acknowledgment of how humanity has put our planet at risk is what is drives the future, as beauty will be identified in the details and in the remains of what we took to be waste. Gerin referred to the overall palette for Spring 2020 as a dirty rainbow, broken into sub themes, the first of which, “Precursory Remnant,” offers colors with names such as Crepuscular Dawn, Savage Land and Oily Cement.

Reinvention is inspiration for 2020

Explaining the theme entitled “Reincarnated Relic,” Gerin says, “As we had to invent the tool thousands of years ago, we will have to reinvent plastic, oil, nuclear power, garbage and rubbish of all sorts,..and what does not kill us makes us stronger.” Dominant colors which evoke this brave new world are Plasticized Ink, Mad Mastic and Washed Out Gum.

Described as being a "Flickering Oasis," tomorrow will take solid shape under the guidance of the thinkers and artists who will imagine it. Colors of this oasis are Opalescent Lagoon, Aquatic Mirror and Uncertain Stream.

The fourth and final theme, "Passionate Gateway," describes a new path to the future which no longer exhausts resources but opens up the horizon, leading us to a Utopia rather than an abyss as children of nature all existing together on this miraculous earth. Colors which represent it are Spectral Dawn, No Gender Blue and Universal Fusion.

Although we have come close to self-destruction by rejecting our responsibilities in the past, we have grown up and are ready to enter a new golden age, in which all these colors merge in freeing harmony. As Gerin says, “We had to accept our darkness to illuminate it.”

Fashion editor Jackie Mallon is also an educator and author of Silk for the Feed Dogs, a novel set in the international fashion industry.

Photos Texworld.

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