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Desigual launches 100 percent sustainable collection with Ecoalf

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Spanish fashion brand Desigual has unveiled a 100 percent sustainable collection made in collaboration with Ecoalf that has been made from waste and recycled raw materials.

The capsule collection has been designed to “minimise consumption of natural resources” while also being what the brand calls a “story of true love that transforms waste into timeless designs”.

The wintery line adopts the concept “reuse, reinterpret, rethink, relove” and features timeless designs across outerwear, trainers, bags and accessories, which it adds have been made to “last a lifetime”.

Key styles include short and long padded jackets that are made from 100 percent recycled nylon and are 100 percent Vegan, as they are free from any materials of animal origin. Both brands also add that because they have been made entirely with recycled materials and with reused textile waste, Desigual reduced CO2 emissions by 28 percent and cut the use of natural resources by 27 percent.

Ecoalf x Desigual sustainable collection

While the lightweight trainers have been made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles, and the first 2-in-1 reversible beanie designed exclusively for Desigual by Ecoalf is made from recycled materials, which was produced using 20 percent less water consumption, 50 percent less energy usage and 60 percent less CO2 emissions.

Other accessories in the capsule collection include two backpacks made from recycled nylon, with the black backpack being lightweight and waterproof, and took 20 percent less water to make as well as utilising recycled polyester from bottles and fishing nets.

The move is part of the Desigual’s wider commitment to sustainability, which it states is a “path it will continue to follow in future collections,” with 11 percent of its spring/summer 2020 and 20 percent of its autumn/winter collections being sustainable.

Commenting on the collaboration, Javier Goyeneche, president and founder of Ecoalf, said in a statement: “Reducing environmental impact is everyone’s responsibility. This is why alliances between fashion industry companies are essential to continued progress towards a model that facilitates sustainable fashion manufacturing.

“Joining forces with Desigual in this effort to pair their unique designs and creativity with sustainability and a commitment to the environment is both challenging and satisfying.”

Ecoalf is a pioneering brand in terms of sustainability and innovation, launched 10 years ago with the goal of manufacturing the first generation of fashion items made from recycled materials that would be able to match top non-recycled products in terms of quality, design and technical properties. They have developed more than 300 different fabrics including materials the brand recycles such as plastic bottles recovered from the seafloor, cotton, used tyres, abandoned fishing nets and wool.

By recycling plastic bottles, Ecoalf states that it makes water savings of 20 percent, power savings of 50 percent, reduces air pollution by 60 percent, and saves 27 percent in terms of natural resources.

Desigual isn’t new to sustainable innovations, in 1984 the brand was born through a now-iconic jacket made from scraps of vintage jeans. The denim patchwork jacket became one of the world’s first upcycled garments.

Images: courtesy of Ecoalf / Desigual

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