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Filippa K calls on customers to join in on new sustainability pilot

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Swedish fashion label Filippa K is calling on its customers to join in on its latest sustainability initiative. As the brand continues to develop new ways of creating a circular, close loop in the fashion industry as well as a sustainable mindset amongst customers, Filippa K invites customers to join in on their new project an become sustainability pilots.

As a sustainability pilot, customers will be given access to work together with the brand on their green-initiatives to make them better than ever. These pilots will be able to test one of Filippa K’s sustainable initiatives for free in change for their thoughts and opinions on how they can be improved. “We are on a journey with the vision to create fashion where sustainability is the guide to growth. To improve and shape the industry into becoming more sustainable, we believe it is crucial to include our customers,” says Elin Larsson, Sustainability Director, Filippa K.

The initiatives up for piloting are Front Runner, Lease the Look or Second Hand. The first opinion consists of Filippa K’s sustainable clothing collection, during which customers are asked to try future pieces of the collection. The second is Lease the Look, a concept which let consumers rent out certain items of clothing for a week before returning it to the store and the third is Second Hand, which is self-explanatory (giving used clothing a second life).

“Each and every one of these products is a smarter choice – sustainable styles that are designed to create minimal negative impact on people and our environment. In other words, long lasting pieces that are beautiful inside and out,” said Filippa K on their sustainable products. Customers interested in taking part in the pilot could do so by contacting Filippa K via Facebook or Instagram, by sharing their commitments to sustainability, along with a short profile and clothing size. Those selected to take part in the pilot will be contacted over the next few weeks.

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